Our Association

We have been building communities since 1997. Student, civil and workplace communities alike. We work with empathy, involvement and peace-bringing openness. Our work in the association teaches us, too – to sensitivity and to the ability to see the essence.

Dániel Rózsa

We founded the Vitakultúra Association two decades ago, the chairman of which I became in 2010. I consider it an important achievement that in the last few years, we have been the initiators and shaping participants of more and more international programmes besides our innovative operation at home (Social Dialogue Theatre). We are building communities – at the same time, our own community, too. We are developing individuals and teams – at the same time, we are continuously learning.

I like working with my companions, I enjoy the joy of creating something together.

Dániel Kovács

I am glad that I do my team leading, as well as leader supporting work in such an enthusiastic and well-prepared team. Our authenticity is strengthened by the fact that we teach skills and habits that we have already developed in ourselves.

Beyond being who I am, I think it is important to enhance the qualities of kindness and openness in various social organisations and more so in their leaders. I am training myself continuously in order to be able to do that with natural simpliciy.

Zsuzsa Sándor

For fourty years, since I started to work, I have continuously been involved with work in groups and with groups.

I like working in this group best because it is here where I feel best. For here, we pay attention to doing work that is useful, to teaching things in which we believe and to doing it in a way that we, too, find enjoyable, as well as those we are working with.

We are learning continuously and we strive to renew and develop from time to time.

Beáta Somogyi

I like working precisely. This I can do in this human and professional community, with my Companions. I can cooperate, have a talk and create with them.

During our projects I strive to pass on my knowledge in playback theatre, drama pedagogy and NLP to the communities who are open to these. We believe in what we do: in community building, in dialogue, in creation and in continuous learning and changing. This is what I am learning to represent.

During our work, we pass on what we enjoyed as a group, from what our lives and our group became better. Fortunately, of all these, we have a wide choice!

Dávid Abonyi

My work relation with the Association started from our High School, Kölcsey Ferenc Gimnázium. It is thanks to Zsuzsa Sándor, our drama teacher and the enthousiastic team of the Association that I found the field of profession which I feel devoted to and have lonterm plans with: teaching by learning.

Because I love to experience my own development and the one of the others. It is important for me to do this together with others, transforming the form of learning into joyful way. I've been part of the team already as a member of the Asspciation since 2012.

Since joining, I have come up with a new direction, I am supporting multiple civil organizations as an organizational administrator, and I teach how to create efficient, secure, stable systems. Within the Association, I mainly work in peace education and the Social Dialogue Theater projects.

Viktória Kur

I am an andragogue, training programme organizer and micro-enterprise developer. I got involved with the work of the Association through an EU project in 2010 and have been engaged since then. Whether it is about organizing background processes, administering and running various activities, I feel that this is the best way how I can support the Association's projects and life.

Dénes Maróti

I am an artist, I contribute to the work of the Association with my art and my teacher and trainer work by the design and implementation of creative experiences, primarily enriching the visual perception and learning. I have been working with this diverse and colourful team since 2013 as an active member of the Social Dialogue Theater and the Discover Peace in Budapest project.

Our Partner

Attila Donáth

For over 25 years I have been working as consuelor, trainer, surervisor and coach in community social work. For almost 20 years I've been working with Vitakultúra Association in many projects and for nearly 10 years we have been developing and creating the Social Dialogue Theatre forums.

The integration of my experiences from different fields plays an important role in my work. My approach is based on systemview, I support the overview and transformation of broader interconnections of the different actors.

During my lifetime, I was particularly concerned with disadvantaged young people and adults.

In my work, emphasis is placed on activating the hidden resources of individuals, groups, organizations, communities through artistic expressions.