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DiscovePeace logoDiscover Peace in Budapest peace trails have been developed as part of a European project Discover Peace in Europe, focusing on peace and promoting conscious participation in civil society. We have created the Budapest peace trail, offering an outdoor co-learning space. Participants can learn about relevant personalities, locations & organizations of Budapest engaged in peace & active citizenship, and they can share their own relation to peace and democracy. We involve playback theatre, visual arts and other action based methods to share and transform these experiences.

Now, in the Discover Peace in Budapest peace trails, you can become more interested and informed of the personalities, important locations and active organizations engaged in peace, active citizenship and the practice of democracy of Budapest.

Discover new locations or the ones that you may have seen before, but now they disclose stories about people and activities with rich engagement for human rights, peace and democracy that took or take place – unknown to most of us.

Walking in small group can give us a chance to ask questions and experience discussions, games, activities. We invite people to think and feel about peace, about the importance of participation, as well as to discover their personal relation to peace, and not to become consumers of the culture of peace.

Have you ever heard about Ferenc Kemény who was in close cooperation with Baron de Coubertin to renew the Olympic Games? / We used to pass by Gábor Sztehlo’s monument at Deák Ferenc Square. He founded Gaudiopolis with orphans of the WWII, the Republic of Children, “The City of Joy”.
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