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Let's play it back! Let's live again!
Community Development with Social Dialogue Theatre

We apply playback theatre and arts to enrich the evaluating, reflecting and feed back culture of people in helper professions and their organisations. 3 trainings in 2018 and 3 Social Dialogue Theatre events in 2019.

This project is relaised as Erasmus+ KA2 learning partnership.



Download the book in english: The Art of Reflective Communication (pdf)

What do you have to say? Social Dialogue Theatre in Budapest

Interested groups of the Hungarian society living in Budapest, have had the opportunity to listen to each other and to engage in dialogue with each other on the public issues which fundamentally affect their lives. This gives us the opportunity to change the co-operation of stakeholders. A single occasion also provides a model of collaborative, inclusive culture of communication. We apply Playback Theatre and Arts.

Concerned areas and cases: people living with developmental disabilities, housing, solidarity with women leaders in civil society.

Programme supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.


Discover Peace in Budapest

With the project DISCOVER PEACE IN EUROPE (Grundtvig Multilateral project), we offer what you want to know about civil engagement, peace and democracy in 7 beautiful cities: Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Torino and Vienna.

Now, in the Discover Peace in Budapest peace trails, you can become more interested and informed of the personalities, important locations and active organizations engaged in peace, active citizenship and the practice of democracy of Budapest.

Discover new locations or the ones that you may have seen before, but now they disclose stories about people and activities with rich engagement for human rights, peace and democracy that took or take place – unknown to most of us.

Walking in small group can give us a chance to ask questions and experience discussions, games, activities. We invite people to think and feel about peace, about the importance of participation, as well as to discover their personal relation to peace, and not to become consumers of the culture of peace.

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Former projects

Previous Social Dialogue Theatre projects till 2017

Art for Multicultural Communities

With our partners, we are looking for ways in which intercultural dialogue can be facilitated by art between people living in the same place but separated on an ethnic, cultural or religious basis.
We created connections and promoted multi-level communication with music and playback theatre.

Award: International Cooperation Quality Award - International projects of outstanding standards supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme - GRUNDTVIG • Vitakultúra Association | Art for Multicultural Communities (AMC), coordinator, Tempus Public Foundation, 2013

Project partners:

Terézváros - activities for elderly people

From 2008 onwards, we organized semi-annual programs for the members of the Benczúr street's elder club in Terézváros. The two pillars of the program were the playback theater and the tai chi chuan.

Training and employment for people living with disabilities

In 2005, we launched a program to promote social inclusion.

The HEFOP / 2.3.1-05 / 1. "Alternative labor market training and employment for people living with disabilities" project was successfully completed in 2008. During the program, 36 people with reduced work ability were given computer users and SAP-ISU training, as well as mental hygiene training and placement E.ON Hungária Zrt's two subsidiaries. The Vitakultúra Association has developed the program, carried out the project management tasks and the implementation of the skill development training series in the project, in co-operation with Motivation Foundation (accessibility and recruitment) and with E.ON (employer organization).